Here are some tips that you can use to keeps your glasses looking new for longer and some reasons that you should always have a spare of glasses.


  • Don't use anything that is rough to clean your glasses like your shirt. Use a lens cloth, a soft tissue, warm water and soap, or lens cleaning solution.
  • Always store your eyeglasses when not in use in a case.
  • Never sleep with your glasses on or next to you in your bed. You might roll over a bend and/or break them. Always keep them on the dresser or a table lenses face up.
  • Always put them on and take them off with two hands. The one handed whip off bends and stretches the frame, and can lead to the lenses falling out, or the frame breaking.
  • If you play a sport, make sure you have sport glasses with polycarbonate lenses. Regular glasses are not made for this purpose.
  • Always keep a copy of your eyeglass prescription. When you get your eye exam, or you are purchasing eyeglasses, always ask the doctor or staff for a copy of the prescription. It belongs to you.
  • Most important-Always have a spare pair.

If you do have a mishap with your eyeglasses you should immediately head to your local affiliated store, where a trained optician would be able to either repair your eyeglasses, give you a new frame for your lenses, or make you a new pair.

Here's a quick solution for a pair of eyeglasses that snaps on the bridge of the frame.

  • Grab some duct tape or any other heavy duty tape will do.
  • Cut a strip the width of your bridge and about 3" to 5" long.
  • Put your glasses flat surface upside down.
  • Line up your glasses so the broken part touches.
  • Have a friend or some books push them together.
  • Carefully put the tape underneath it.
  • Wrap it around it tightly.

You're done. This should last you a day or two.

Optional: you can tape a piece of a wooden skewer across the top for added protection.

Never use glue to repair your eyeglasses. If it gets on the lenses then you have also managed to break them.

You can avoid the need to have tape on the bridge of your eyeglasses if you always GET A SPARE!

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